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Poll 2024: Wave Club

Location: Taipei 

Capacity: 1200

2024 will be the 10th year that Taiwan’s two-floor, 700-square-foot, Wave Club has been in business. Growing from a small venue via a process of constantly tweaking small details to continually improve the experience at the venue, Wave Club is now a quality rave space fitted out with a pristine Funktion-One sound system, a soundproofed VIP area, and a long outdoor terrace. The venue runs themed events and local artists during the week, with major club nights taking place on Fridays and Saturdays. The past year saw Wave Club bring in DJs like Fedde Le Grand, Cat Dealers, NERVO, Slander and KURA to accompany the club’s nine local residents: Alyshia, Ashleybaby, Anita, Andrew Ford, Big B, Leyo, Maruo, TIM, and WANP. Ten years in the game certainly speaks to Wave Club doing something right, and in 2024 the club hopes to build on its success by expanding its presence “across Asia on a large scale”.