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Poll 2024: Warp Shinjuku
WARP Shinjuku

Location: Tokyo, Japan 

Capacity: 1,000

WARP debuted in our poll in 2020 and has been a constant ever since. Part of the reason behind that is that its owners have reinvested significantly to ensure it remains at the vanguard of the Japanese scene. In 2022, it expanded its offerings to include a fourth floor, but importantly, the spacious club managed to retain its intimate vibe. From tech-house to trance, hip-hop to R&B, WARP hosts diverse weekly and monthly events, complemented by special international tours.

Situated in Tokyo's bustling nightlife district, each floor has its own distinct atmosphere, and between them offer a range of experiences, from high-energy EDM to ambient retreats. The venue’s production is one of the best in the region too, with cutting-edge sound and lighting systems, including the iconic Solar System visual rig, which elevates each night alongside the futuristic decor and stellar resident DJs such as Swagger, Max and Rhy, who continue to push boundaries and captivate clubbers from around the world.