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Poll 2024: Drumsheds

Location: London, UK 

Capacity: 15,000 

Broadwick Live (the company behind Printworks) smashed back into clubland last autumn with the launch of its latest iteration of Drumsheds at a disused Ikea store in Tottenham, North London. The warehouse venue has three rooms (X, Y and Z), each with its own unique layout, as well as an expansive outdoor space and a covered parking lot that allows for open-air events to take place in any weather. The Hydra, False Idols, D&B event Worried About Henry and Skepta and Jammer’s Más Tiempo brand are just a handful of those that have sold out shows at Drumsheds in the last six months. The fact Broadwick Live consistently manages to fill this gargantuan venue speaks to the curation, the effective use of space, and London’s thirst for clubbing on the largest of scales.