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Poll 2024: fabric

Location: London, UK 

Capacity: 1,855 

Few clubs in the world are as storied as fabric. The Charterhouse Street venue, which was upgraded from a cold meat storage facility back in 1999, has been at the forefront of electronic music for almost 25 years. A staple (and previous winner) of the Top 100 Clubs poll, 2024 sees the club reclaim its place in the top 10, and it’s no surprise after a year when everyone seemed to be talking about fabric. The last 12 months saw a redesign of the iconic main entrance, and the opening of a new shop selling pizza, soft drinks, music and merch. Bookings, as always, included the cream of the underground, alongside residents Craig Richards, Terry Francis, Anna Wall, Bobby., Harry McCanna, Hutch, Jaden Thompson and Josh Caffé. The fabric, FABRICLIVE and Continuum events have been joined by new Sunday series C.A.Y.A. (Come As You Are), and Love Hertz, which launched with a show at St. Paul’s Cathedral. But the big focus now is the 25th anniversary year, with the past, present and future of fabric coming together via the Invites series, where long-term collaborators are given the chance to curate club nights, a run of takeovers at other clubs like Fuse, Tresor and Lux Fragil, and six events curated by Craig Richards.