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Poll 2024: And
And Club

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa 

Capacity: 600 

And Club has humble beginnings — techno weekly TOY TOY needed a space, and found one in the second dancefloor of Johannesburg rave institution Carfax. Sectioning this off as a separate venue, the party turns 13 this September and remains the flagship of an address also known for gqom, deep house and drum & bass. Boasting a meaty Void rig inside, and a vintage Meyer system in the garden, bookings are equally uncompromising. DVS1, Freddy K, Jennifer Cardini, Sandrien, Setoac Mass, Dasha Rush, Truncate, and Volvox joined ressies Dogstarr, Fabio, Black Lake, Illing, Gforce, Bonging Zulu, and Terry Aronis in the past year.