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Andy C

"I reckon I've had the most enjoyable summer, gig-wise, that I've ever had," says Ram Records boss Andy C, bubbling with enthusiasm. "GQ and me went all around the world playing the most amazing festivals. Exit in Serbia was incredible. We played after Korn, with 30,000 people for the whole set.

Halfway through, I see the guy from Korn at the side of the stage with a bottle of JD in his hand going absolutely nuts." Whether it's playing on the beach in Cannes to 12,000 people (nope, not a festival, just a drum & bass night) or selling out their Ram Records night at matter in London weeks in advance, it's all testament to the fact that the genre is now a serious contender.

Ram Records artists Chase & Status have crossed into the mainstream thanks to massive singles with Kano and Plan B, and are now getting a leg up from Mercury Records. Meanwhile, Sub Focus is also worrying the Top 40 and the Radio 1 playlists, and his debut, self-titled album is getting serious hype. It's been quite a year, with releases from Xample & Lomax and Culture Shock still to come. "Hand on heart, I have loved every minute of it," says Andy. "Starting the label 17 years ago and now to be at the point where we're doing big albums that make big splashes, it's just exciting."