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Although in this country he is unquestionably known as the man behind 1999's fifth biggest-selling single - and arguably the UK's first trance No.1 - '9pm (Till I Come)', ATB, aka André Tanneberger, has released a total of nine studio albums. In fact, the most recent, 'Future Memories', is what has taken up the bulk of his time this year, seeing the trance stalwart working outside his comfort zone and experimenting with down-tempo electronica, ethereal breaks and even a cover of Everything But The Girl's 'Missing'. "The main challenge was to offer people the sounds they know from me, but with a new angle," Tanneberger explains. "There are a few 170bpm tracks which are not what people expected, but they have accepted it well." Currently doing what he loves best, ATB has embarked on an epic excursion around the US on a tour bus, playing his new material each evening, but plans are already afoot for the next project, which promises to give fans the arms-aloft trance they know and love him for. "I'm planning a mix album which will be released very soon, and I think Ministry of Sound are going to put out a single from my album."