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John Digweed

Although John Digweed probably wouldn't want to countenance such a suggestion, he is without doubt a living legend. His services to dance music are astounding, and when the history of our great music is finally written there'll be a chapter dedicated to the great man. Not that he's finished - no siree. The last 12 months have seen Digweed remain at the top of his game. "It's been a great year," he admits. "We all went into it knowing it was going to be tough because of the current economic climate, but the people out there have been amazing. If they're out partying, it's because they want to be there. They're more diehard." In Digweed's eyes that's because the young generation just want to have fun, recession or no recession. "Young kids aren't worrying about mortgages or anything." It's this energy that keeps Digweed going. Concentrating on his label Bedrock has paid handsome dividends this year and he proudly notes that he's been getting great feedback from his fellow DJs. So, can we finally expect an artist album from Digweed in 2010? "I don't want to curse it," he says. "I've always enjoyed making tracks and getting them out there as quickly as possible. And in our current climate, this fast-paced world, that seems to work just fine."