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Kyau & Albert

It's been a hot one for Ralph Kyau & Steven Moebius Albert in 2009… in a number of ways. The pair found themselves at the Defcon Festival in Melbourne, in the late spring, landing just as the mercury popped at an unprecedented 50 degrees. "That was quite something, the hottest temperature ever recorded outside of a desert!" says Ralph. "We honestly didn't think that the event would continue, but the Australians are more used to it. So while we stood still and sweltered, they danced!" Elsewhere, the duo have been kicking it particularly hard in Russia, as well as Brazil and the Electric Daisy Carnival, in Los Angeles, from where they've just returned. At the production end, things have been similarly temperate, with the pair picking up a couple of trophies. "Winning the Beatport Music Award for our remix of '6am' was wonderful and we got an IDMA at the Winter Music Conference too!" says Steven. After a quieter spell last year on the remix front, stepped thing up with reworks of fellow German duos Cosmic Gate (on 'Flatline') & Stoneface & Terminal's 'Santiago'. K&A have also found time to get their 'Be There 4 U/Hooked On Infinity' release out and most recently collaborated again with Marc Marberg on 'Grrreat'.