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Slovenian DJ Umek proves that sometimes, dreams come true. The techno heavyweight says that one of his favourite gigs in 2009 was at the Mayday festival in Germany, which he used to attend as a punter many years ago. "This is one of the greatest institutions from the golden rave era. I used to go raving to this massive indoor festival as a teenager and dreamt that I would someday be on that stage and make this huge crowd dance to my music," he explains. "Eventually the dream came true, it was an amazing experience." Umek also rates the Dan Elektronike (Day of Electronica) festival in Slovenia, but for different reasons. "It's situated in an open air theatre and the main goal is to promote electronic music as a unique creative culture, not only as party music," he explains. He also sees technology contributing to the development of electronic music and believes that the future "belongs to computers, new software and hardware solutions that will allow us to process the music in new ways." Over the coming months, he plans to release a remix of Fergie's 'Exit People' for his 1605 label and has singles planned for 1605, Dataworx and Hell Yeah.