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Eddie Halliwell

Never a man found wanting in the concept department, this was the year Wigan lad Eddie introduced his ED-IT (Eddie DJing - Integrated Technology) performances. "The idea for the format has really proved itself, I think," he tells DJmag. "It's definitely enhanced what I do behind a pair of CDJs. We had really standout ED-IT sets going off at Creamfields and Dance Valley this year, which were just amazing!" In the last 12 months, Halliwell has been upping his audience figures to some quite dizzying heights. "I DJed in front of 1.5 million people on New Year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro - I think that was the real high point of the last year! Everywhere I go people are still very enthusiastic about electronic dance music, but the Brazilians are out on their own in that respect. "I made debuts in Guatemala and Panama too. It was certainly energizing to get to those countries for the first time." Answering the call of those who've mourned the loss of his Radio 1 show, Eddie's Fire It Up brand mutated into a new radio platform in July. Playing trance, house and techno, it's quickly caught hold and is already being broadcast on 30 FM stations around the world. Looking towards 2010, Eddie predicts: "There'll be plenty of travelling and working towards more ED-IT performances - it's going to be good!"