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Offer Nissim

Following the success of double mix album 'Happy' in 2008, this year has seen Israel's Offer Nissim recruit a whole new fan base and expand his touring horizons. "I've played more in Europe, which was amazing. I was playing much more in the USA before, but this year I've been everywhere except the UK." Adding Madrid to the worldwide gay parades that have sought out his diva-heavy sound, a residency at Forever in Tel Aviv also kept the home fires burning. "I really want to come and play in London, as I've never DJed there before," he adds hopefully. With a lengthy house-moving mission seeing Offer upping sticks, packing a weighty music collection stretching back to the '70s, he's used the considerable upheaval as an opportunity to reassess and set up a new studio. "This year I've been finishing a double album with Mya Siman Tov, a singer songwriter. I also did a remix for Whitney Houston, which was very special," he says of the latest in a long line of high profile collaborations that include Barbara Streisand and Christina Aguilera. "Hopefully it will get released officially as the parts were also given to Junior Vasquez!"