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There can be no doubt that Dubfire has become one of the biggest names in techno. A regular at all of the world's major clubs and festivals, Dubfire says, "I usually gauge my top clubs on how much fun I've had playing, so with that in mind, my best dates were Flex in Vienna, F12 Terrassen in Stockholm, Cocoon at Amnesia in Ibiza, Kiesgrube in Neuss, The Warehouse Project in Manchester, La Huaka in Lima, and Shindig in Newcastle." A vociferous champion of digital DJing, Dubfire says that new technology, as much as changing trends, has impacted on the music he plays. "Since incorporating Native Instruments' Maschine, I've been able to add a new layer and dimension to my sets," he says. He also believes that technology will keep progressing. "This excites me no end. I think the next phase will usher in touch-screen laptops, smaller hardware and better controllers, DJ software enhancements and more cross-platform hardware/software compatibility."