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The Thrillseekers

It's been another 12 months of fairly feverish continent hopping, gig rocking action for The Thrillseekers. One that's seen some more debuts ticked off the list. "I played in Outer Mongolia for the first time this year," says Steve Helstrip. "It's always exhilarating to play in regions where electronic dance music is a newer proposition for people." Over on the production side, this was also the year that the once omnipresent Thrillseekers remix made its reappearance. After a five-year sabbatical, Steve picked up where he left off (almost), with his fourth Chicane remix. "On the original production front I had 'City Of Angels' out earlier in the year. The aim was to do something wholeheartedly club-orientated and it seemed to come off extremely well!" Looking forward Steve is in optimistic mood. "I've got my new track 'Savanna' coming out through Armada before the end of the year and with lots of new tunes waiting in the wings, 2010 should be my busiest production year yet. "I'll also be touring Thrillseekers live, which I'm really looking forward to. Before I started producing trance I was always involved with bands, so live is something I've always wanted to get back to. "With the technology available these days I can literally remix my own tracks on the fly so no two performances will be the same. I'm going to be breaking some new ground, it's going to feel good!"