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Laurent Wolf

Supporting Madonna at the end of last year obviously helped Laurent Wolf's name reach the ears of some very high-up studio execs. "I thought they were joking," he laughs, remembering the call asking him to remix Beyoncé at the beginning of 2009. While it helped kickstart a year he describes as "100 percent better" than the last, it also taught him a few lessons about life at the top. "It's hard with big artists. They send you an acapella then two days later they're on the phone wanting to hear something. Normally I take about three months with a track!" When it came to remixing Johnny Cash, however, he wasn't even granted that luxury. "I only had the 1954 master without acapella or instrumental," he recalls, again laughing with an air of c'est la vie. The results were typically large, and with his own track 'No Stress' hitting the top of the UK club chart he embarked on a wave of touring, taking in a flying-saucer shaped club in Taiwan and 25,000 revellers on a beach in Colombia. Currently back in the studio, a new album is pencilled for next year. No calls from global pop stars permitting, of course.