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Ricardo Villalobos

The most influential DJ/producer in contemporary minimal techno, Chilean-German Ricardo Villalobos consolidated his popularity in 2009. Villalobos' tripped out, extended sets were a regular feature in clubs like Fabric, Panorama Bar and at Sven Vath's Cocoon residency in Ibiza. Unsurprisingly, Villalobos was also the headlining act at the only party to take place at DC10 this season. Despite his marathon weekend sets, Villalobos was no slouch in the studio either, with releases this year on his own Sei Es Drum label as well as new EPs for Barraca and Sundance and a wonderfully deep and dubby joint release with long-term friend and collaborator Jay Haze on the US producer's Contexterrior label. Villalobos still spins vinyl and has claimed that digital music is "very bad for electronic music and music in general," while his production also follows a similarly offbeat approach. "I don't have any rule about how I approach music making," he said in an interview with Underground TV this year. "There is an atmosphere in the studio and things just start happening, with the bass drum or with a bassline or a soundscape - I never have a plan. If you try to re-invent yourself, that's very complicated and many times, you don't succeed." Villalobos' star quality was affirmed in September when German film producer Romuald Karmakar's full-length documentary film about the German-Chilean DJ premiered at the Venice International Film Festival. With a general release date to be confirmed, the film catches an unpredictable talent at the height of his powers. Villalobos also hinted recently that he intends to cut down on his DJing over the coming years and in 10 years' time, wants to have made the transition from club music to more jazz and folk music production.