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You don't need anything more than a track like 'Let The Bass Kick' - Chuckie's ghetto tribal anthem - to make a good year, but the Cr2 released monster is just part of a killer 12 months for the Dutch superstar. Surprisingly the energetic spinner started off a little unsure about his DJing. "First, I wasn't really feeling my own Dutch sound," he admits. "But my friend David Guetta made me feel real comfortable with my sound so now I'm running with it." Sprinting might be more apt, as Chuckie's travelled more outside his homeland than ever, taking in Sweden and France, where he got so excited he stage dived at his Paris debut. "I'm really happy that I can do my crazy stuff behind the decks and the crowd feels it," he says. "I've learned a lot by travelling the globe so much." Some of his highlights have included joining Guetta at Fuck Me I'm Famous, in Ibiza, and having his own Dirty Dutch stage at Holland's Mysteryland festival. This year's annual Dirty Dutch party will see Chuckie play a nine-hour set, something he's already preparing for. Although he hasn't had much time to get in the studio since 'Let The Bass Kick' blew up, lately he's squeezed in some production time and we should see the results - his debut album - next summer.