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Lisa Lashes

Lisa Lashes' schedule is both impressive and punishing - and that's not a cheeky reference to her latest single 'Bondage and Whips'. Over the latter part of the summer she spent just two days at her home. "I did six parties at Judgement Sunday at Eden, in Ibiza, which were really good. And before that it was Canada. I did a tour with Sander and BT and played at some new places. Rather than clubs, I played at Convention Centres for between 5000 and 7000 people." Having recently joined a new agency and management, the First Lady of hard house is booked up every weekend for the rest of the year. "I've got more bookings than I've ever had," she smiles. "January and February I'm going to be out of the country doing Australia, South Africa, China and America. And then I've got my Lashed events, which I'm starting up in March." Naturally, when Lisa does have some time at home she's usually holed up in her soundproofed den on the decks. "I play religiously for 10 – 12 hours," she says. "Every week I have a new mix CD, just to listen to in the car and give to my friends… I love it. Keep me down there, feed me and water me and I'm fine."