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Rank 1

Dutch trance jock Piet Bervoets (pictured) flies solo as Rank 1 when DJing, but for live gigs he's joined by studio partner Benno De Goeji, who he's been working with for ten years. Piet hits the road for DJ duties, while studio wizard Benno stays behind working on productions for the pair, as well as putting his magic touches to Armin Van Buuren's albums. Of their live shows, Piet says: "We practice a lot for this. I do the arrangements while Benno is playing live. It's nice, it's a challenge to do it live, it's a challenge to do everything good when you do it live." However, DJing is a different ball game altogether as Piet elaborates: "You have to look at the reaction of the crowd and play what the people want and not just what you want yourself." Rank 1 have an easy-going, relaxed take on life. "We don't really make plans; we just wait and see how things go. Maybe I'm wrong but I think a lot of DJs and producers are saying, 'I wanna do this then and I wanna do that then,'" a chilled-out Piet says. "Our system working perfectly for us, no stress. Sometimes there is a year with no Rank 1 releases at all. This year there were two, maybe there will be three, we don't know yet."