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Marcus Schossow

In 2009, Marcus Schossow managed to successfully navigate his public persona away from 'that chap who ruffled the feathers of Deadmau5' (in 2007 Schossow, along with some other wags, came up with the Deadrat6 guise as an explicit, albeit light-hearted response to what they perceived as the unjustified rise of Deadmau5) into a more sober 'that amazingly versatile DJ and producer from Sweden'. It's a state of affairs that pleases the affable Schossow. "The release of my album ['Outside The Box'] a few weeks ago has helped," he admits from his studio in Helsingborg. "It's meant I've had a phenomenal year." The excitable Schossow also points to the number of remixes (including one for Snow Patrol) he's produced this year as proof that 2009 has been a year to savour, but it's his gigs in Eastern Europe that really get him talking. "It's absolutely blowing up over there at the moment. Poland, Ukraine and Russia are just amazing places to go to right now. The kids are being exposed to dance music like never before and the crowds are wild - much crazier than the UK." As for 2010, one can only imagine trips back to Eastern Europe will figure high on Schossow's itinerary - as well as a desire to push "a house sound' in the studio.