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Steve Lawler

"I think the recession is a positive thing in some respects because it drives more creativity," says Steve Lawler, giving a positive view amid the gloom. "This recession and the one before was the same. It doesn't affect the clubs that much, people still go out and go crazy. "If I had to judge if there was a recession from being in the clubs, I wouldn't have said there was one! It shows that music is more than just a pleasure - it's a necessity." If there's one thing that seems evident from this year's Top 100 DJs, it's that the air miles are still racking up. Lawler has been to Qatar and Transylvania this year - "Club Midi is one of my favourite clubs in the world!' - and reckons that Romania's Black Sea coast is the nearest contender to Ibiza. Meanwhile, a VIVa Music (Lawler's digital label) tour of the USA beckons, a punishing 18 gigs in three weeks through November followed by some hard-earned R&R and then Steve's venturing back into the studio. "I have said this every year and it never happens, but now I do really feel more mentally prepared and focused to start my album," he says. About time, say we.