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Israeli trance rocker Skazi has kept the fire burning this year with his abrasive mix of head-banging metal and psy-trance explosions, fused together with an angle-grinder and a heap of gritty tech sounds likely to cause the weak hearted a giddy spell. "I've been working on a lot of projects at the same time and traveling a lot. I've been very busy and I enjoy a good moment in every part of the world I visit." A tour of Mexico provided some spiritual enlightenment for him. "I played in the Mexican Pyramids and felt that the energy there was heavenly. It felt special, I had the Maya energy!" Living life to the full is very much a rule of thumb for Skazi. "I learn and progress while working. And that not only keeps me updated and informed, but that knowledge elevates me professionally every year." He touched on the 'darkside' this year by producing an electronic album with chart singers. "For the first time in Israel, heavy electronic music 'met' with pop and rock." Next year's focus will be on a new album, set for release in February. "It will be a combination of rock and trance music. It is likely to host big vocalists, such as MC Fishy, and also some unconventional and not so mainstream instruments."