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Super8 & Tab

For ace Finnish trance duo Super8 & Tab (Miika Eloranta and Janne Mansnerus), 2009 has been further evidence that allowing things to grow gradually is always the best way. "It seems like we've done something right," admits Tab. "It feels good the direction we are going in. And this year we have cracked the Top 100." Which all bodes well for next year and the release of Super8 & Tab's debut album. Although the pair have taken their time and not allowed themselves to be pressured into finishing the album, it's still been a struggle. A rewarding one though. "Absolutely," Janne explains. "The music itself is not new but the idea of the project is. It's really hard work, but it makes it all the sweeter in the end." Pleasingly, for two DJs on the verge of superstardom, the pair have retained a joy for what they do. Travelling to different countries still inspires and their DJ work is still crucial. "Meeting new people and getting new ideas feeds into the music, and then playing the music out, getting an idea of how its working, is key."