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Gui Boratto

In 2009, Brazilian producer Gui Boratto went global. Riding a wave of critical acclaim with his 'No Turning Back' single and the 'Take My Breath Away' album, Gui toured the world, performing all over Europe, Asia, Latin America and the US - including DJmag's WMC party in Miami. Gui says that his favourite festivals this year were Benicassim in Spain, 5 Days Off in Holland, and the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, while his favourite clubs were Garage in Cuiabá, Brazil, Clash in Sao Paulo (Brazil), Berlin's Panorama Bar, Lisbon's Lux and Hive Club in Zurich. So was there no sign of the global recession slowing down his schedule? "I didn't see the recession in the clubs," he says. "People are still saving their money to party!" Despite making indie meets techno classics like 'Turning Back' and his second album being inspired by '80s music, Gui says that his DJ sound has evolved this year. "I'm playing the same speed, but heavier.... sometimes more melodic in a way," he says. An avowed technology junkie, he also hopes that one day that there will be a DJ machine that "will fuse various technologies on the same device." While Gui has a number of remixes lined up over the next few months, his next big project is co-producing the new album for indie-acid house pioneers Bomb The Bass, together with the project's founder, Tim Simenon.