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Dash Berlin

For Dash Berlin - born in the Netherlands with the fantastic name of Jeff X Sutorius - 2010 can be summed up through the nickname he acquired: The Flying Dutchman, so-called because of a monster world tour to promote 'The New Daylight', his debut released at the tail-end of 2009.
A very warm reception to the album thus allowed Dash to take his brand of uplifting, vocal-led trance around the globe, and then some. This hectic schedule also quickly ingrained the touring mentality within Dash - always a good sign for a DJ on the rise.
"It has been crazy in terms of travelling, but to experience all these different cultures so far from home, with everybody dancing and singing along with the tracks, is an amazing phenomenon. The touring has become part of my lifestyle now."

As well as cutting his social media teeth by releasing his own iPhone app and a massively-viewed 40-minute YouTube mix, Dash also debuted his first mix compilation, 'United Destination', in 2010, ushering him yet further into the trance spotlight.
"It was received very well globally and really helped to establish me as a DJ," says Dash. "I'm looking forward to compiling and mixing part two in 2011, to make 'United Destination' an annual concept."