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Benny Benassi

Benny Benassi is known for his cheery demeanour, but as we reach the fag-end of 2010, the great man is in particularly fine fettle. That's because his new album is almost in the bag (completed with his producer cousin Alle) and the fact that he can look back on the last 12 months with some degree of pride: in particular, his smash 12-inch, 'Spaceship' recorded with futuristic r&b icon Kelis.
"The video in particular was great fun," he laughs. "That's when I met Kelis. She's gorgeous. A real pro and a lovely mum."
And although he was hoping for more plays of 'Spaceship' on Radio 1 ("Pete Tong did support me, however, and that's always a big honour"), nothing can dampen his mood. So is there anyone else he'd like to work with?
"Yeah!" he responds enthusiastically. "Some old school rockers: singers like Brian Johnson (AC/DC) or Ian Gillan (Deep Purple). That kind of voice sounds amazing over a compressed electro beat."