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Simon Patterson

"I've been travelling a ridiculous amount in the past year and I'm totally loving it!" says Simon Patterson in his lilting Northern Irish accent, in spite of already admitting his sleep patterns are jet-lagged to fuck and he's run out of valium. "It can be hard with the lack of sleep, but I'm used to that now - it's completely amazing seeing all these other cultures all the time."
Which is a big part of why he's so happy to be part of a dance genre with such a far global reach.
"Trance is so popular, especially in areas like South America, China and all over Europe. It's pretty overwhelming."

Not only that, but Patterson feels like the trance crowds just keep getting more and more passionate.
"The trance thing has really erupted and the crowds are more enthusiastic. I've played at loads of big events to bigger and bigger numbers of people and been constantly on the road travelling to the next gig."
Simon's top live gigs for the past year have included playing at Global Gathering, God's Kitchen, EGC and Nocturnal in LA, but his highlight was Trance Energy.
"I've got loads of tracks ready to be released on my new label, Night Vision, and I'm building up a big collection of tracks ready to put out there," he says. "Looking back, every weekend is kind of a blur, but I'm going to keep going!"