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Things have been really taking off for Kaskade (and we don't just mean the many jets he has set foot in this year). Despite embarking on a career in what he calls "melodic electronic music" almost 10 years ago, it is only now that the climate is right for things to really… err… Kaskade (ahem). And it is not only collaborations with dance music uber-stars such as Armin Van Buuren and Tiësto that have propelled him to (even) dizzier heights this year (despite raising his profile across Europe, of course). It is the climate for electronic music in North America that makes times so exciting, he tells DJmag. "Here, electronic dance music is getting bigger than ever, which is cool for many of us who have been at it for a while," he says. "One of the biggest factors is Lady Gaga, she has really pushed things forward. Also people like Guetta and Deadmau5 have helped people in the US really understand the role of the producer within mainstream music." An ignited interest in dance producers within the US pop industry has led to requests for Kaskade's hand in production from all over the music shop, including a collaboration with indie-electro outfit Dragonette on his recent sixth album 'Dynasty', which reached number five in the US album charts. So it's been quite a year then, Kaskade? "Chaos man…" he laughs. "Controlled chaos!" Which, of course, is DJmag's favourite type of chaos.