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Headhunterz is yet another DJ from Holland, although he has developed his sound outside the realm of trance. Willem Rebergen was somewhat of a child prodigy - singing and acting - before getting his hands on some decks, aged 12. Starting to produce his adopted sound of hardstyle a few years later, he was offered a record deal by hardstyle icon The Prophet with Scantraxx Records, and has now released nearly 20 EPs.

The melodies of trance, that ubiquitous Dutch sound, have influenced his productions in the way that he's brought melody into the hardstyle scene.
"Hardstyle used to be darker and more techno-ish a few years ago," Willem tells DJmag. "I was one of the first to give it a trancey twist, and nowadays this melodic hardstyle is the most popular type."
2010 has been his most successful year so far.
"A year where my international bookings overtook my national ones," he says. "This year I also realized some things. I know where I'm heading, I know what I'm doing it for, and I know what it takes.
His 2010 highlight was his own sold-out party at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. "It was an amazing night - a milestone in my career and personal life. I could have never imagined getting so far."