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Paul Oakenfold

This year has been a turning point for Paul Oakenfold and his music-making, as he takes things in a new direction. "I've been focusing on producing great songs with amazing urban singers for a new sound that I've come to brand as 'urban house'." Not only does Paul have the ability to showcase his new productions to thousands of clubbers each week at his Las Vegas residency, but he sets off for some touring in the coming weeks. "It's set to be a massive tour of North America which will last two months." No doubt the perfect road-test for his urban vibes. After the success of Perfecto at Rain Nightclub, Paul has decided to continue his residency. "I'm proud to say that I've extended my term for a third year." He's also been putting the wheels in motion for his next big project. "My new radio show, 'Planet Perfecto' has just launched and will be reaching out to various territories around the globe."