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Matt Darey

Clever clogs Matt Darey has tapped into the Indian dance scene. Though there aren't many DJs that would even consider venturing there. "I did a Nocturnal show out there in Bangalore, thought we'd get maybe a few hundred people cos it was unexplored territory. Ended up filling the Bangalore palace grounds. The police let us stay open till 2am, pretty much unheard of in a country where you're lucky to be spinning past 11.30 pm before the police crash the party," he explains. However, despite his tanned complexion, Matt isn't just chasing the sun. In fact, he's hoping to find a residency near the Rockies this year, "so I can spend all winter out there on the slopes. I like snowboarding, skydiving and hanging out with peeps I meet on the road," he beams. This year, he has notched up four months touring the US ("I have a great connection with the clubbers out there"), and he has released euphoric anthems 'See The Sun', 'Black Flowers', 'Lost At Sea' and 'Canyon' as well as a double album. Which begs the question, has he achieved everything he set out to do this year? To which his reply reveals, "I didn't really set any goals, just cruising along doing my own thing and enjoying the ride."