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Martin Solveig

"It's very time consuming, it's a crazy life right now," says French producer Martin Solveig, having just got back from the best part of two week's filming in Japan. It's an all-too-familiar yarn for a DJ to spin, but in Solveig's case you can just about stomach it. Not content with DJing week-by-week and producing his fourth artist album, the French producer has decided to help produce, direct and star in his own video series to accompany it.
Typically tongue-in-cheek, elegant, fun and humorous all at once, the first episode of Smash - featuring a nail-biting tennis showdown between Solveig and Bob Sinclar at the famous Roland Garros courts - fitted perfectly with the backing single 'Hello'; a sweet, sleek summertime slab of electronic pop bliss.
"It's a natural evolution of my style, because my last album was in that direction as well," he tells us.
"The highlights this year have been the big festivals - things like ZoukOut, Sensation White, Tomorrowland in Belgium and the United party in France with David (Guetta)," he continues. "I really had fun with the big capacity places. You don't have to change your style but I try to play a little more aggressively and have a bit more rhythm in the switches; almost in the hip-hop heritage rather than playing it like a straight house set."