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When Australian-born tyDi was in high school doing his musical education, he would study the work of BT, considering him to be one of the most talented producers in the world. And this year they are working together on a collaboration.
"This is probably the biggest personal highlight in my career to date," tyDi explains.

It's no real surprise to us, considering he stormed the Top 100 for the first time last year and has pretty much spent every waking moment since in his pursuit of international greatness. "I've had more time this year in hotel rooms than at home, so that's always a good sign things are going well," he laughs.
His Global Soundsystem radio show is nearly a year old, he's produced many new tunes and remixes and he's currently working on a new artist album for release early/mid 2011.
"I've composed and recorded music for full orchestral string sections, guitars and piano, which all mix in perfectly with the electronic parts of the album. It's a total hybrid of styles and ideas," he explains.
And then there's the chill-out album he's been composing between flights and shows. What a guy.