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Hernan Cattaneo

There are many things that keep Argentina's greatest prog export on his toes, despite over 14 years in the business…
"The best thing about electronic music is that it changes all the time," excites Cattaneo. "Every few weeks there are so many new records to play and every few months the whole scene changes - that really keeps me interested." So too, it seems, do his frequent gigs in Japan.
"I can play whatever music I want. The clubs are purely for dancing; big black boxes with great soundsystems, and I love that as a DJ."

As well as gigs in Asia, Australia, Europe and both Americas, 2010 has also seen Cattaneo push himself as a DJ. On the second disc of his most recent mix for Renaissance back in June, he stepped outside of his usual operational framework and pleasantly surprised everyone in the process…
"I thought, 'OK, this is my fifth compilation for Renaissance and, even though the others have always sold well, it's time to do something different.' I wasn't sure how my followers would find it, because it's very similar to what I do normally - house or progressive house with lots of emotion and feeling - but in a completely different tempo, like 105bpm! People loved it, and it's given me different options."
Although said slo-mo sounds are not something Cattaneo has tried in the clubs just yet, their warm reception has given the Argentine motivation to work on a studio album.
"I always wanted to do a full length but to make it strictly full of dancefloor tracks wasn't attractive to me. Now I know people love this slower, more downtempo sound I tried on the Renaissance mix, it's great news!"