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Sven Väth

Germany's Sven Väth (rhymes with fate) is one of a dying breed. He's someone who is, for the most part, known across the world because of his expressive DJ sets, his eccentric parties and his all-encompassing brand, Cocoon, rather than his own productions.
Once again in 2010, thousands have flocked to Sven's infamous Monday carry on, Party Animals at Amnesia out in Ibiza, where handpick acts including Hawtin, Villalobos, Troxler and Pantha du Prince have supplied a mixture of the contemporary sounds the boss is known for. With the popularity of those parties, and the number of other techno gatherings there are on the White Isle, it's easy to forget that it was Sven and Cocoon who started it all. Before them, back at the turn of the millennium, 'techno' and 'Ibiza' were words not often associated with each other.
"I always like to try out new things. This year I've played from house to disco-tech to tech-house to techno," says Sven. "It was a great year for me and my company, and Cocoon in Ibiza this year was simply the bomb!"
In amongst those sessions, there have been gigs everywhere from TimeWarp to Tornio, Bulgaria to Peru, plus the release of 'Cocoon Compilation J', a double CD 'Party Animals' mix and two open-air festivals to curate for Sven. But 2010 has also been about something else for the techno titan …
"First of all, I'm proud of the birth of my son, Tiga! Besides that, my world tour at the beginning of the year, then of course the great Ibiza season, the second edition of our festival Cocoon In The Park in Leeds and Cocoon's Green & Blue Open Air in Frankfurt."
As for the future, Sven - who tells us it's "love and passion" which keeps him going - has the release of his latest mix CD, 'The Sound Of The Eleventh Season', to look forward to in December 2010.