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2010 has been the year in which full-on psy trance DJ/producer Astrix nee Avi Shmailov decided to give something back to his fans. As well as finishing up his long-awaited third artist album, Astrix has started to record irregular mix compilations. 'Trance 4 Nation' is given away for free through his website, and is something Avi hopes will eventually turn into an online radio show. Connecting yet further with the fans that have seen him DJ across the world this last year, Avi has also spent a lot of time on Facebook throughout 2010.
"I wanted to interact with my fan base and even with fans in territories I haven't visited yet," he says. "I'm very personal on my page. I share everything with people from moving house to how I hurt myself lifting things. Maybe that's why people voted for me this year!"
Of course, what the people really want is more music from the man - something he's also taken care of this year, despite it proving to be a rather drawn out process.
"The album was in the works a long time; lots of tracks have been added and taken away because of changes in my style. It's now made up of all new productions from 2010 [despite it having been started last year]."
In amongst a hectic production and gigging schedule, a recent move from rural countryside into one of Israel's busier cities has also occupied Avi this year. So, too, has setting up the brand-new studio in which he is keen to start working…
"As well as touring the record, I'm looking forward to working on some special projects, including some remixes I've wanted to do all my life. They will be of some of my all time favourite tracks from the psy trance genre - I want to give them a more commercial interpretation." With such intentions and a continued close relationship with his fans, it's like Astrix's star is only set to rise.