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Super8 & Tab

It's been a hectic 365 for Finland's foremost trance purveyors. When DJmag spoke to them for their '09 interview, they were in the thick of it, working on the production of their debut album. This year, just three days ahead of our second Top 100 DJs catch-up, and it's arrived on the shelves.
"In the end, it took two years to get 'Empire' there," says Janne 'Tab' Mansnerus. "They were well spent, though; it was a really fulfilling thing to do."
"It was incredibly exciting to have the launch party for it at one of the most legendary clubs in the world, too," adds Miika. "To hear the Ministry of Sound crowd singing your tracks back to you as you're playing them gave us the kind of thrill I don't think we'll ever forget!"

Album launches aside, the pair have been hitting the gig trail harder than ever this year.
"We've spent more time on the road in 2010 than any other year. The events keep getting bigger and the clubs keep getting better - we've got nothing to complain about!" So which ones in particular stood out for them? "Well Future Music Festival in Australia was again, amazing. The second year in a row we've done it, and every bit as good as 2009's," says Miika. "1015 in San Fran was wicked," Tab continues. "A great club that, and Trance Energy and ASOT450 were proper experiences, too. Having both those events fall so close to the start of summer really fired us up for the season!"