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Andy C

Andy C was and still is the all-conquering, all-powerful Sauron/Gandalf of d&b. With a well-documented history shaping the scene both before and during its inception, he is the genre's longest standing and most innovative pioneer, still packing out venues by the thousand and seeing the tree that he planted in Ram Records back in the early '90s bear much juicy and tasteful fruit right to this day - a label that recently brought such artists as Subfocus and Chase & Status to the fore. Not to mention the fact that he is one of the only DJs to be featured in the taste barometer that is the DJmag Top 100 DJs poll year-in, year-out since its beginnings.
Taking a brief break from his hectic schedule, as he has just become a proud father to a little girl, Andy was a little hard to track down, but our persistence has paid off.
"It's been absolutely nutty this year," he explains, "Especially now, what with the ['Nightlife 5'] album being out, and it's just nice to kick back and have a chat for a few minutes."

Add to this a diary where he has been playing at "multi-genre parties, festivals, d&b parties, small and big clubs, the lot!" pretty much every other night constantly this year, and you have one busy individual.