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Myon & Shane 54

Having proudly been the first-ever Hungarians to break into our Top 100 poll last year, trance duo and mash-up protagonists Myon & Shane 54 are back once again in 2010.
"Everything's been great this year. You have no idea how happy we are to be in the Top 100 - no-one from Hungary has remotely done anything like this before - for us it's a big thing," enthuses Shane. That said, there are consequences to becoming an ever more in-demand DJing duo. "Our biggest challenge this year has been trying to find a balance between gigs and making music. We've been away for so long, it's been hard to get anything done."
Add into their touring, producing, remixing and mash-up commitments the weekly recording of the Myon & Shane 54 radio show, as well as the filming of their TV show (a DJ dispatches diary of sorts) and you have an even bigger challenge.
"We can write on the road, but it doesn't really work. It's a myth you can work on a laptop... you can never actually finish something while travelling."

So whilst to some fans it may seem Myon & Shane 54 have disappeared this year, Shane attributes that to the duo having focussed more on their own productions, rather than on a proliferation of remixes. Impatient fans need not wait too much longer, however, as the pair are currently in the studio working on an album of all-new material.