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D-Block & S-te-Fan

For the past four years, every weekend has seen Dutch hard dance duo Diederik Bakker and Stefan den Daas perform all over Europe, but 2010 hinted that things are about to change. "Although we don't have a lot of extra gigs during the week, or in summer, we had a very good year and our scene is growing more and more," they say. Bakker and den Daas say that their energetic, melodic brand of hard dance has established audiences all over Europe and "there is a crowd for our music in every single country". However, they feel that in the past year, the scene has developed in Australia, America and Asia. "2011 is going to be an interesting year for us, as we are planning a world tour to visit all the other continents that deserve a proper scene in their countries," they say, adding that, "To see our scene grow really fast outside Europe is the most interesting trend for us". They believe that the hard dance scene and sound is in a healthy state, mainly due to an influx of new DJs and producers. And it is this creative surge that will help to "spread the hard dance virus worldwide."