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Daniel Kandi

Daniel Kandi has had a fantastic 2010, and, refreshingly for someone in his profession, he's refusing to take all the plaudits. "I have to give great thanks to my new manager Phillip Alpha," he says immediately when asked about the last 12 months. "This year has been so prolific; I've completed something like 16 remixes and five originals. That is down to Phillip kicking me up the backside. I'm generally lazy and he has got the job done. He has helped me get the job done!" This increased productivity has in turn provided the affable Kandi with an upsurge in inspiration. "It's been very pleasurable," he admits. So has been playing all over the world - debut gigs in Asia and Hawaii were highlights. As for next year, well, that much talked-about debut artist album is in the offing. "It'll be different from what you know me for," he says. "I want to do a double album. One chilled out and one a lot more clubby."