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Boy George

After an absence of a dozen years or so, Boy George is back in the Top 100 DJs chart with a bang. The celebrated style icon took up DJing in the early '90s after suffering burnout from being one of the biggest pop stars in the '80s (first with Culture Club, then solo or as Jesus Loves You), and his Ministry comps regularly used to shift 100,000 units. In the last decade, George has undertaken a number of different projects, from the Taboo musical about performance artist Leigh Bowery to singing on all manner of different tracks with his inimitable great white soul voice. He's just released 'Pentonville Blues', a reggae-lite single about his time in prison, and his 'Ordinary Alien' album should be out soon. "I've been off the radar for a while but I'm back playing all over the globe," George tells DJmag. "I'm enjoying it much more now I'm sober. Bloody loving it in fact! "I never stopped DJing really, but I was in a chemical haze and not thinking about my career properly," he continues. "I have my mojo back now and I'm focused and ready to put out some wicked tunes." George reveals that he's starting another label that he'll be putting through UK house imprint Milk N' 2 Sugars, with 'Sunshine Into My Life' featuring Sharlene Hector on lead vocals. He's also been working with everyone from Mark Ronson to Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero, and says 2010 has been a brilliant year for him. "I've been working flat out and putting myself back on the map."