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Despite a massive collection of studio tracks stretching back nearly 15 years - more than 100 of which have been licensed to compilations -these days Israeli trance producer Asher Swissa is best known for his explosive live sets. Together with Assaf B-Bass, band mate and chief A&R of his Chemical Crew label and another Tel Aviv trance producer of some pedigree, Skazi live fuses electro and trance with metal (at one time even incorporating Igor Cavalera of Sepultura), as well as reflecting Swissa's roots in Israeli hardcore punk bands. Which certainly explains song titles like 'Anarchy' and 'F-king My Brain'. He's released a plethora of artist albums and compilations, like the three volumes of 'Zoo', and performed in far-flung corners of the globe. As well as Israel, he's performed in Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Greece, South Africa, Switzerland, Holland, Portugal, Australia, Russia, India, Spain, the UK, Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden… we could go on. They've even kicked anarchic trance-metal ass at the foot of Mount Fuji at the Fuji Rock festival. As well as being asked to remix house classics like Benny Benassi's 'Satisfaction', his highlights of 2010 included a trip to play by the Mayan pyramids as part of a tour of Mexico. "I felt that the energy there was heavenly," he says, "It felt special, I had the Maya energy!" But don't feel left out if you checked him out elsewhere. Ever positive, he declares: "I enjoy a good moment in every part of the world I visit. I've been working on a lot of projects at the same time and travelling a lot. I learn and progress while working. And that not only keeps me updated and informed, but that knowledge elevates me professionally every year." Unrepentant about his recent conversion to producing vocal tracks on his last album, he says his next LP offering, due in February, is "likely to host big vocalists, such as MC Fishy, and also some unconventional and not so mainstream instruments." The mind boggles, but we're all ears.