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Claudia Cazacu

We've all heard countless stories of the DJ child prodigies, spinning in clubs since they were pre-pubescent sprogs, but there's also a lot to be said for late-bloomers of the scene. Just ask the feisty Claudia Cazacu, who has climbed the ranks obscenely fast in the four short years since launching her professional career as a producer and DJ of hard, clubby trance, a la van Doorn and van Dyk. How has she done it? Certainly not by slacking off in 2010. "Eight original releases, three remixes and two compilation albums have kept me busy in 2010," says Cazacu, and there is of course more planned. "I'm already working on next year's releases with some vocal projects, and new 'Quatrain' tracks in the pipeline." If 2010 was the year of Cazacu cementing her sound and reputation as an established DJ - exploiting the deserved success of her nu-euphoric 2009 anthem 'Freefalling' - it looks like 2011 will be the year of finding out what musical boundaries this status will allow her to cross. "[I'm working on] a couple of big vocal projects, as well as taking my sound in a slightly new direction. I really want to experiment a bit more and take some risks musically." Risky business that risk-taking, but if there's anyone that can pull it off with a bit of zing, my money's on Cazacu.