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Paul van Dyk

Aside from a touring schedule that's been as hectic as ever, 2011 has otherwise been an unusually quiet year for German icon Paul van Dyk. For good reason, though; he's had his head down in the Vandit labs, concocting both a new album as well as an innovative live show, both falling under the 'Evolution' label.
“Working on my upcoming album has been an exciting and sometimes exhausting process,” he told DJmag. “I created and composed most of the tracks while being on tour, so they are very much inspired and imprinted by the shows and travels. Since I write the music myself, everything I experience and learn influences me and my sound, it's a logical part of my personal and musical development.”
While we'll have to wait a little while longer to listen to what he's come up with, the 'Evolution' stage show made its grand debut at the Coachella festival earlier this year, and in typical PVD tradition, it's seen him pushing the envelope, stretching the limits of technology and refusing to rest on his laurels.
“The new 'Evolution' tour has been a highlight at every stop around the world, and seeing the new, big live production still gives me shivers,” he says. “The music, stage design and the visuals are crafted into one coherent experience. It's so much more than just a DJ gig. The equipment I'm using on stage allows me to mix, match and alter the sounds and sights of the show without losing the interaction with the crowd. All in all, a very intense experience!”