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Water and plug sockets. Chilli sauce and blowjobs. Certain things should always be kept apart. Including hardstyle and dubstep, you'd think. Unless you're Headhunterz aka Willem Rebergen, who has been fusing them into 'dubstyle' since 2010's collaboration with Brennan Heart 'The MF Point Of Perfection'.
“Dubstep is a lot about sound design, and so is hardstyle,” the Dutchman claims. “It gave me inspiration for my latest track 'Doomed' and you can expect more of that on my upcoming album.”

Headhunterz' recent single 'The Message Is Hardstyle' showed he's still a dab hand at the aggro bangers his hardstyle fans adore, however - particularly those who have flocked to see him on his first American tour.
“People in the States come to hear my own tunes,” he says. “A year ago, we could not have imagined doing an 18-city North American tour. A lot of work is still to be done here, but the hardstyle scene is growing fast.