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The Top 100 throws up many familiar faces but the supersonic rise of Russian artist Arty, who barely looks legal to be allowed in a club, let alone play to thousands around the world, demonstrates that fresh talent does make its way into the top echelons.
“I didn't expect that this year would be much bigger in terms of shows or how well my tracks did,” he says happily when we congratulate him on the news that he's raced up the list. “It's been wonderful.”
With his single 'Around The World' supported by Guetta and licenced to a forthcoming Swedish House Mafia compilation, Axwell's Axtone label has just signed a release, while his collaboration with fellow Anjunabeats youth Mat Zo, 'Rebound', (“We're working on two or three tracks”, Arty reveals, one of which is forthcoming on 'Anjunabeats Volume 9') appeared on his first major DJ mix for the 'Anjunabeats Worldwide 03' compilation.
“For me the result isn't so important,” he concludes philosophically, “it just shows me that people like my music. I see the smiling faces at the front of my gigs, so thank you all for your support.”