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Daft Punk

Since time began, or at least as far as the Top 100 DJs poll goes, Daft Punk have made an appearance in it, despite their distinct lack of actual DJing gigs.
Theirs is a respect that washes over you and turns reasonable law-abiding citizens into jibbering wrecks of their former selves, simply because they've seen one of the French duo's rare, beyond-spectacular live shows. All other live artists can bow down and kiss their ring! In fact, all other live acts have gone and taken a massive bite out of Daft Punk's baguette. They are the original force behind the now-blasé expectations of the quintessential live performance. Deadmau5, Swedish House Mafia, Chemical Brothers and Orbital have all snacked on Daft Punk's genius.

It's a funny ole thing, the Daft Punk entry into the Top 100 poll. It's almost as if we, and you the voter, have seen them DJ this year. In some kind of parallel universe, we have all been to one of their gigs, left brain-washed into thinking they do actually DJ on a regular basis, wowing us with their electronic wizardry and reputation. And then in a Men In Black-esque moment, we've had our memories wiped clean. Weird.
The main talking point for DP this year was undoubtedly their soundtrack and involvement with the sequel to '80s sci-fi Disney classic, Tron - Tron Legacy - which came out at the tail-end of last year, lingering into the early part of this year, reportedly produced in London with the help of an orchestra.
Their animated house musical, Interstella 5555: The Story Of The Secret Star System was released on Blu-Ray HD at the end of the summer.
Earlier in the year, their Ferrari 412 was auctioned for Japan Relief. DP and their mothership EMI raised funds to help the Red Cross effort for people affected by the earthquake and tsunami that took place in March.
And on the other end of the scale, les garcons designed 20 Coca Cola bottles, strangely. But that's just typical of them. There's just no figuring them out. They make perfect sense in a nonsensical way.