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Last year was a dream come true,” say the Noisecontrollers on their shock inclusion in the Top 100 poll last year. Shock simply because of the under-representation - as they put it - of hard dance in the poll to date. This duo, though, are all about changing that, and the thousands of fans who have lost it to one of their hardstyle sets this year are much the same.
“Defqon was amazing… twice!” they enthuse. “We closed the Dutch edition but to top things off we have just returned from the Australian edition, and the feedback from the crowd there was fantastic.”
Aside from playing the two largest hardstyle festivals in the world, Arjan Terpstra and Bas Oskam - who only joined forces in 2005 - have taken their show all across Europe, the USA and Australia, whilst at the same time working on their debut album. For this big-thinking pair, though, an album is not just about the tunes… “We are currently very busy with our first record. Not only the music but also the whole story behind it is something we're taking our time on. We both have a passion for science and we want to create something that has more depth and offers a closer look into our world.”
Their world in 2011 has included singles like 'Gimme Love' on Digital Age which, in their respective scene, became an international hit overnight, whilst the Dutch pair also cite dubstep as an ever-present influence on their sounds these past 12 months. As for the reason for their swift success, they are modest, but attribute it to Bas being a magician in the studio and Arjan being born to perform on stage.