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Pete Tha Zouk

Pete Tha Zouk's going to give us a big head. Last year was the first that he scooped himself a place on the DJmag Top 100 chart, and he's been riding it ever since.
“Last year was my first time in the poll, and I couldn't believe it,” he says, clearly quite pleased about the whole thing. “When I heard, I dropped the phone. I don't quite have the words for what's happening.”

As DJmag speaks to him, he's in Ibiza on holiday, saying no to gigs and yes to relaxing on the beach. “I started the year with New Year's Eve in a magical place called Florianopolis in Brazil, at a place called Cafe de Musique, and it's thanks to the DJmag poll. I was already getting popular in Brazil, but the people there give a lot of respect to the Top 100. It's the reference for booking DJs in Brazil.
“It's the same in Portugal. People are starting to respect me even more in my own country! I got invitations from all over the world, [there were] more productions, new shows. I played to 6000 people at sunset for six hours in Vilamoura [in Portugal]. It was truly amazing.”
Well, bless him. While we're happy to help, he's really only got himself to thank.